Top 5 Adrenaline-Inducing Commercials

The only reason I am crying, is because of the adrenaline! 

Do you remember a time in your life when you used to push your body to the breaking point? You would do down-ups, suicides, Green Bays, the Burma Road, Bear Crawls, Texas Tarantulas, 50-Yard Jimmy Shimmies, and countless other physical gauntlets just to get you ready for Friday night. You would sweat, bleed, and cry your way to game shape. “Is this really worth it?”  you’d ask as your body funneled acid to your muscles. “Is huhhuhuh this huhhu hu going to end?”  Your mind would race and just as you felt you were going to stop, coach would blow the whistle.  “Fuuuhhhck” you’d gasp as your body went limp.

I used to hate football and basketball practice with a passion because I was soft and practice was hard. But looking back, Friday nights were some of the most adrenaline charged nights of my young life. We would line up in the locker room, jumpsuits and all and wait to get the signal. The music would start, first as a muffled beat only to grow in volume and clarity as we passed through the locker room doors. In those first 20 minutes of warm-ups and about 5 minutes into the first quarter, I felt like I could jump out of the gym.  Everything we had done prior to Friday, all the pain, sweat and doubt disappeared as if it had never happened.

Today, as a working professional, I yearn for that adrenaline. My job has its rewarding moments but I never feel that rush; the immortal feeling you have when you’re a well-trained seventeen year-old athlete. At times, I need a boost and I find it in speeches and commercials. Here are a few commercials that’ll get you going.


Nike Ad


Duracell: Trust Your Power w/ Patrick Willis


HBO Boxing: I Still Have a Soul


ESPN Promo: Winning is a Habit 


Dick’s Sporting Goods: Untouchable


Did we leave out any good ones? Let us know in the comments section below!