The Warrior

In my last post, I cited the importance of maintaining a sense of creativity in our lives.  One aspect of that was to personalize our surroundings.  As I looked around my room, I noticed a creed that I feel rings true in my life and I wanted to share it with you.  I don’t know the author so I apologize for not citing it.  My sister created the poster as an art project but I don’t think she wrote it.  It’s titled “The Warrior”

“He reaches for a goal knowing any goal is within his reach yet he remains steadfast in the knowledge that any goal he seeks is a sacred, personal trust, a vow on which he will never turn back, never give up.

He realizes many have the will to achieve a successful end but only very few possess the will to prepare for the achievement of that end.   He knows progress towards the successful end lies in the discipline of preparation, and the crucial key to discipline lies in his own positive state of mind.

He knows the value of discipline because he has found that no goal can be achieved without sacrificing mind and body in concentrating his entire energies to a successful end.

As he strives toward his goal he is meticulous in preparation and awesome in his execution of his labor, and unabiding in his dedication to it, only because he is uncompromising in the successful achievement of his goal.

He stands proud in silent determination; he is proud of the price he has paid for the progress he has made, silent because he is aware of the price of further progress, and determined to pay any price to attain his goal.

He respects every obstacle blocking his success for the threat it poses but he fears none of these threats.

He recognizes the only difference between an individual goal and a common goal to be the element of teamwork.  He has found that a team is comprised of much more than just the sum of its individual members.  He realizes a commitment to team unity by each and every member of the team is essential in achieving success of the common goal.  Each member of the team is bound by this mutual tie.  Thus the team seeks a common goal as an individual entity.  He knows he must sacrifice personal interests to team unity.

He is gratified by his accomplishments, yet sobered by the realization that complacency will render him stagnant, unproductive.  He is somber in his setbacks, yet encouraged by the challenge that the greater achievement lies not in never falling but in rising again after he falls.

He is confident yet humble because he knows it is not just game he is playing, it is a life he is living and the true score lies not in what he has accomplished but in what he has learned.”