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Fasting vs. 5 Meals a Day (video)

Hello all! I am terribly overdue for new updates on my Warrior Diet self-experimenting, and am trying to carve out time for more regular updates. A new job and a few new side projects have unfortunately taken up the majority of my time. I plan to get an update soon about my experience on the

Super Green Smoothie

This started as an experiment because I wasn’t feeling that healthy.  I didn’t anticipate how much I was going to enjoy this smoothie.  Now, I have one of these every two or three days and I look forward to it every time.  I was skeptical because I knew that it wouldn’t be sweet but it’s

Do You “Pay” for Yourself in this World?

In my previous job as a salesperson in the IT industry, our CEO made an interesting point when addressing our sales team during a conference call of the motivational (or, maybe more accurately, kick-in-the-ass) variety. He described his background as a salesperson himself, rising through the ranks before venturing off on his own to start

The Perfect Steak

“Wow this is great.  Who made this?  Oh yea, I did.” What a great feeling it is when you create something that even you are impressed by.  Whether it’s a doodle on a piece of scrap paper that turns into inspiring work of art or a PowerPoint presentation that rivals a professionally animated cartoon, it

Warrior Diet – One Month Transformation (Before/After Photos)

Booyah! I have officially completed my goal of one full month on the Warrior Diet–and the results were beyond what I expected. Related Posts80/20 Principle Applied to Weightlifting Day 1 – Warrior Diet Goals/Meal Plan The “Diet” That Contradicts Everything You Know About Nutrition

Warrior Diet Week 3 Update (Photos)

Week Three Thoughts After three weeks, this “diet” really no longer feels like a diet. Following the Warrior Diet has been incredibly easy. Throughout the course of the day, I no longer feel hungry, and most days this week, I hardly ate anything before my first feast meal in the evening. As I write this

Ghrelin – The Super Hormone You Aren’t Taking Advantage Of

Throughout our entire lives we have been programmed to believe hunger is a bad thing. Three meals a day or bust! And if you are in the business of building muscle and/or burning fat, you are more likely to practice the 4-6 meal a day trend. But why? Who determined that three meals a day

My Warrior Diet Workout Plan

I am a big believer in compound lifts, meaning multi-joint movements that require several muscles to work at one time. For example, chin-ups are more effective than a bicep isolation exercise such as curls. I have always tried to structure my workouts around the main compound exercises for each muscle group. I have experimented with

Warrior Diet – Week 2 Photos

Two weeks in the books, and I feel like I am really hitting my stride with the Warrior Diet. A major difference that I have noticed in this eating philosophy, is that my junk food cravings are basically non-existent, which has made this diet extremely easy for me to follow. I have not experienced crashes

Warrior Diet – Week 1 Progress Update

I have officially completed one week of the Warrior Diet. As mentioned by others who have tried this nutrition plan, the first four days were hard. On day 1 I had a headache by early afternoon, and day 2 I felt a bit light headed. Hunger pangs were pretty intense, and I had to battle the