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Fasting vs. 5 Meals a Day (video)

Hello all! I am terribly overdue for new updates on my Warrior Diet self-experimenting, and am trying to carve out time for more regular updates. A new job and a few new side projects have unfortunately taken up the majority of my time. I plan to get an update soon about my experience on the

Do You “Pay” for Yourself in this World?

In my previous job as a salesperson in the IT industry, our CEO made an interesting point when addressing our sales team during a conference call of the motivational (or, maybe more accurately, kick-in-the-ass) variety. He described his background as a salesperson himself, rising through the ranks before venturing off on his own to start

Decisiveness: Make a Decision and THEN Make it Right

Every single day we are faced with decisions that impact our future. Some of these decisions are big, many of them small, and even more are so minor that they are made almost subconsciously, and we don’t even realize we have a choice (like whether to continue going in to work, whether or not to

The Common Denominator of Success

How often do you see people who just settle into a job they hate that pays terribly, because "that's just the way it is"...or "that's just life". It is easier to settle for mediocrity and to go through the motions like a zombie, collecting your paycheck every week, than it is to hunker down and

80/20 Principle Applied to Weightlifting

For those of you not familiar, the 80/20 principle–also known as the Pareto Principle–suggests that for many situations, 80% of the effects are a result of 20% of the causes. This rule has many applications, and a common example comes from the business world: 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients. As

Warrior Diet – One Month Transformation (Before/After Photos)

Booyah! I have officially completed my goal of one full month on the Warrior Diet–and the results were beyond what I expected.

Warrior Diet Week 3 Update (Photos)

Week Three Thoughts After three weeks, this “diet” really no longer feels like a diet. Following the Warrior Diet has been incredibly easy. Throughout the course of the day, I no longer feel hungry, and most days this week, I hardly ate anything before my first feast meal in the evening. As I write this

Ghrelin – The Super Hormone You Aren’t Taking Advantage Of

Throughout our entire lives we have been programmed to believe hunger is a bad thing. Three meals a day or bust! And if you are in the business of building muscle and/or burning fat, you are more likely to practice the 4-6 meal a day trend. But why? Who determined that three meals a day

My Warrior Diet Workout Plan

I am a big believer in compound lifts, meaning multi-joint movements that require several muscles to work at one time. For example, chin-ups are more effective than a bicep isolation exercise such as curls. I have always tried to structure my workouts around the main compound exercises for each muscle group. I have experimented with

Warrior Diet – Week 2 Photos

Two weeks in the books, and I feel like I am really hitting my stride with the Warrior Diet. A major difference that I have noticed in this eating philosophy, is that my junk food cravings are basically non-existent, which has made this diet extremely easy for me to follow. I have not experienced crashes